How can I attain HOPE within my grasps?

"With love will come HOPE for resolution.  It starts within ourselves to look deep within our own souls to find our own compassion for ourselves and for others. We need to understand our world better and us within it.  What role do we play?  What scope do we appreciate the things around us?  You are blessed with many of God's beautiful creatures to make our lives meaningful to our souls and the souls around us.  Life isn't abstract, complicated but our ego insists on being so.
Release, surrender these challenges, your own challenges for the simple answer to your HOPE is right there - within your body - your soul.  Understanding your spirit, the true essence of who you, start with compassion, surrendering and letting your spirit rise to the surface.  Because your resolution, your HOPE lies within it." ...from Spirit

"...and letting your spirit rise to the surface.  Because your resolution, your HOPE lies within it." - this awareness is monumental! 

During our current world crises, attaining HOPE is a sentiment we are all desperate to feel in our physical bodies and in our mental bodies.  Stepping out of our mental bodies and into our hearts is the way.  It is in our hearts where your spirit lies, empowered by God's infused faith, belief, and love.  We need to release the ego story, revolving in our minds long enough for our spirit to rise to the surface of our consciousness.  

This right here is the spiritual journey we are required to travel to fulfill our soulful purpose on earth.  This is a journey that takes us on our winding road to 'true' self-discovery, the discovery of our soulful purpose.  An awareness of consciousness which takes us to a deeper understanding of who we are and why we are here.  This consciousness is your spirit

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