My Purpose

How do I help you discover your Higher Self?

The key to discovering your Higher Self is a personal commitment you must first give yourself because without it you won’t get anywhere, with anybody.  Your commitment provides openness to receiving guidance from the Divine through me.  My strongest psychic ability is automatic writing where I journal what I hear directly from Spirit not knowing what the message will bring forward. I am able to connect with the Divine directly, with my higher self continuously and with past loved ones (mediumship) in this way.  The spiritual being which comes forward is determined by them, and sometimes there are multiple.  Either through my spiritual blog posts or through my personal sessions, you will get what is needed to get you there – connecting with your inner self.

My Spiritual Blog is for Everyone

My communication with you is always driven by the Divine, daily and always.  What I post on my blog is holistic in nature, with specific themes for the larger community to enjoy.  Each post is different from the next with its unique message available for everyone.  Spirit guides me with specific verbiage to deliver on specific days, usually in a quote fashion and a descriptive notation of its meaning follows.  Always with profound resonating Wisdom moving you closer to your inner self.     

My Personalized One on One sessions made just for You

Getting up close and personal with my sitter is what I do best with ease and comfort.  I offer transparency, truth, empathy and more.  I can be direct in my delivery without judgement and always with loving compassion.  I am forthcoming of unique ideas you haven’t thought about, organizing them in a way you will understand.  This is all driven by Spirit of course.  Without judgment, we simply talk.  I ask what it is you are looking to achieve from the session and I ask spirit for guidance.  I will write down what comes – words, phrases, sentences – and relay the message to you, as it is specifically for you.  I don’t interpret, I relay the messages.

What are people saying about Empowering Practices?

If you are intrigued but still not sure, then let’s have a video chat and I will answer any question you have about how I work.  You can also read my testimonials on the Blog, and my FaceBook page in the review tab.  I invite you to subscribe to my blog to receive email notifications of my new posts or visit my blog daily. 

How to Ignite your life's PASSION?

Driven by my personal purpose to help others profoundly provides me with sustainability, groundedness for this is what I’m meant to do on this earth.  Specifically, I help people discover their soul's purpose.  Spiritually speaking, I’ve been put on this earth to share with you the Divine’s infinite wisdom to ultimately help you evolve at a soulful level.  Igniting the compelling sensation to take action for your Godly right to happiness, fulfillment which isn’t complacent to your custom ways to empowerment.  I say this with a wholehearted passion of mine, to let you know that YOU and I are empowered already by the Divine to seek our divine purpose.  Sometimes we need help as I'm prepared to give.  

The Importance of your Higher Self

Understanding that we are the divine, the Universal Source, the Ultimate Divine, our God is part of us as we are part of it. Fundamentally, we are energetically connected.  Learning how to connect with your inner sanctum, your essence, the truth of who you are, your higher self is the journey – your personal journey to spiritual awakening.  It is from this special place within you, where profound awareness is born, cultivating self-love, self-understanding and where we continuously receive eternal guidance from the Divine.  It is truly life-changing magnifying our truth through our physical actions and mental thoughts.  It might even resolve physical ailments.  Acknowledging that this action IS your path to resolutions with profound perspectives to follow.  Because learning how to tap into your higher self will lead you to your answers for your answers have always been there for you to discover.  

Parting thoughts

Remembering your spiritual awakening is a non-linear journey, not a destination and those you encounter along the way – whether negative or positive experiences – are there to teach you a lesson designed to ONLY progress you closer to the truth of who you are.  Embrace every interaction and know the Universe has your back!

With continued passion from my heart to yours,

Namaste and Amen ๐Ÿ™

….Until next time

Empowering Practices 
Ignite, Embrace, Embody your TRUTH

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