My Story

The death of my father in October 2015 was the catalyst for my profound spiritual awakening.  His presence from the afterlife guided me towards my soulful purpose: to become God’s vessel on earth.  My spiritual journey is magnificent, and its evolution continues with grace.  Exploring and overcoming my trauma in this lifetime and past lives provide me with deep rootedness to Mother Earth, allowing me the flexibility to share God’s light, love, and grace with others.

Spiritual awakening is fluid, evolving, and our journey sustains us.  It lies outside of our ego minds.  With help from Spirit, I’ve come to learn the extent of my spiritual abilities.  My strongest ability is the ability to hear Spirit (clairaudience) in the same manner I can speak to a friend.  Journaling has become a means of capturing spirits’ beautiful messages.  My sense of knowing (claircognizance), my empathic feelings (clairsentience), my visions (clairvoyance) have developed in sequence; it seems as if God had a plan for me to ease into my purpose.   But I’m not done learning yet.

I am a mother of two young adults and a wife to my soulmate.  As a family, we enjoy camping and cruising.  We have an American Bulldog named Gemma and a cat named Tigger.

Empowering Practices 
Ignite, Embrace, Embody your TRUTH

With continued passion from my heart to yours,

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