One's journey to spiritual awakening is unique and highly personal.  I am forever grateful to God for bringing us together, allowing me to work with you in a way that is needed JUST for you!  These are truly precious moments and life-changing.

Thank you for entrusting me with your personal spiritual journey and allowing me to hold this space alongside you.  Thank you for sharing your story. 

Namaste -- From my internal Divine light I respectfully recognize the Divine light in you.  


With continued passion from my heart to yours,

Empowering Practices 
Ignite, Embrace, Embody your TRUTH

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  1. If you are a soul who often has questions along the lines of, "What's the spiritual purpose of my life? Where am I going? Why am I exposed to so much hardship?," Agatha is your healer. She is patient, she doesn't judge, she listens, and most importantly she helps us understand how the spirit and body are intertwined. Her intuitive senses are focused and very timely.

    Agatha warned me of unfortunate experiences I would face overseas, and prepared me to respond without fear. Many times, she would reach out to me passing a message that was very relevant and informative for the time and place I was in. She helped me heal after my mom's passing, and helped me connect to my father who suffers from dementia.

    As a long time friend, Agatha has never given up on me when I was absorbed by my busy life. She ignited a new form of spirituality in me; one that I could not imagine living without today. She is open to investing her time to understand and learn about different spiritual perspectives. Through her investment of development and growth, she continues to reach out and provide her services at a higher level every time.

    Thank you so much Agatha for making my path of life clearer. You helped me understand my journey through life.

    - Bozena

  2. I never fully believe in spiritual signs or messengers until my encounter with Agatha. I had been struggling with a decision for a long time, going back and forth, second guessing myself until the day I met with Agatha.

    We started talking in general about spirituality, faith, family and intuition. Right off the bat she put me at ease, I am normally a private person but it was easy for me to speak with her.

    She is authentic in her approach and really listened to me, making me feel relaxed and open. She shared with me my “message” and I was shocked at how exact she was! She gave me the answers to the turmoil I’ve been having, the minute she said it, I felt the pressure release from me. She knew exactly what I needed to hear.

    She went on to tell me a few more things and I can tell you my life has changed in so many ways since speaking to her. She’s lifted the weight off my shoulders and I did what was needed to be done.

    I can’t recommend her enough, she is calming, thoughtful and tells you exactly what you need.
    Thank you Agatha!


  3. Agatha was really at the top of this mediumship class we met at. We had an exercise where we were to put a photo of someone we wanted read into an envelope and these envelopes were to be secretly distributed among the class the following session. We didn’t know who brought which envelope in or the photo inside. The day before our class, I was trying to find a picture of a friend I really wanted read but I could not find one of her by herself, so I eventually chose a random family members photo to bring for our class exercise. Agatha happened to choose my envelope and was able to get the information of the person I intended to have read as I put so much thought energy into the envelope that she was able to pick it up. I was truly amazed at her ability and we’ve been friends ever since. Although our lives are busy and we don’t get to connect that often, Agatha has this ability to sense when things are very difficult or off for me and she always seems to reach out to me in times of need. She is truly amazing!


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