About Me

My name is Agatha and I’m a spiritual intuitive with blessed abilities to connect with the Spirit realm.  My spirit has been beautifully evolving since my father’s passing in October 2015, and I've been working with individuals since.  My spiritual journey continues to expand with His Grace.  My purpose is to help those ready to uncover their personal truth.  We are spiritual beings capable of uncovering our personal truth.  But sometimes we need a little helping hand as I’m prepared to give.  

Spiritual Blog
My blog posts offer a perspective on spirituality, applicable to many.  I’m humbly proud to offer Divine Wisdom (In Spirit’s Words) so beautifully articulated and sometimes abstract; I call it poetry.  These are messages from Spirit made available to everyone.  Bring forward my interpretations of these messages, it is my hope to provide some insights to your journey – igniting your spirit to find its purpose on earth.  My blog posts also include other spiritual concepts, ideas, and resources to help you deepen your understanding of your spiritual awakening.  It is my hope that this blog becomes your trusted resource page.

Enlightening Readings
My sessions are interpersonal and interactive, bring you Spirit’s messages specifically for you.  Through conversation, my sessions will help you to uncover your own answers leading to personal awareness in finding your higher self.  While everyone's journey is unique, my sessions are designed to take you through the ‘Ignite, Embrace, Embody Your Truth’ evolution of YOUR soul’s awareness. Please read my Purpose for more details.  Yes, this process is possible as I’ve experienced this wonderful transition.  

Curious about me? Then let’s have a chat.  There is only your investment of time to get to know me, no currency is exchanged.

Empowering Practices 
Ignite, Embrace, Embody your TRUTH

With continued passion from my heart to yours,

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