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The Greatest LOVE...

  🙏💜 exert from my spiritual writings on Self-Love.  Spoken from the Divine, through me to you... 🙏💜 "The unveiling of yourself, to yourself, for yourself is the greatest love you find.  It is the greatest LOVE because every cell in your body feels this love transpiring bad into good, changing your mental perspectives in everything you do.  This love is actionable and penetrable.  This love is your SELF-LOVE!" There is much more to come on Self-Love, in Divine's timing of course!   Spirit is working with me to deliver a profoundly captivating perspective on self-love activation.  I'm thrilled that I get to experience this miracle of listening and writing the Divine's wisdom for all to learn from.  And as I do, I am also learning what self-love means to me.   Highly personal and specific to you; Self-Love is wisdom that will carry you to new 'heights' never imagined by the logical mind.        From my heart center to yours,  Namaste and Amen 🙏💜

Requiring Wholeness on Earth 🙏💜🦋

  Exclusive Spiritual Message from Spirit, for those needing it: "We want all to seek reverie of hope, love and peace.   Embracing one’s own eternal being allows for true peace to be achieved, lived and embraced.   For all of our true sense of being: is the very ‘thing’, we all need to inspire, to realize, to believe in because it is the very ‘thing’ which makes us WHOLE on earth"  …from Spirit   Spirit's further explanation... Inspiration comes from your will to desire it, achieve it and live it.   It is a very necessary ingredient to formulate a deep desire to explore the whole of you.   It is this exploration that triggers your spiritual journey to awakening to a much large essence.   Much bigger than you and I.   An essence profoundly directional, heavenly and sustainable in our hearts’ centre.   Bring in the Universal Love captivating on all levels of spiritual awareness to enlightening you to new heights never experienced before.   The choice is yours! Namaste and A