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Forgiveness is the Key to Life - it is in you to forgive. Listen to the Benefits


Reclaim YOUr Story | Spirituality Defined | SELF_LOVE is both a verb and...

Reclaim YOUr story Define YOUr Spirituality Self_Love is both a verb and a noun It is up to you to active free will A means of reclaiming SELF_LOVE   not much more to express, other than, Listen to my poetry reading for the meaning of Self_Love *** My Sacred Poetry Book is NOW AVAILABLE for purchase. Click HERE *** My sacred poetry book guides you through a process of self-evolution through forgiveness, empowering you to a sustainable life enriched with happiness and joy.   Self-evolution is an unknown journey of discovering YOUr truth, finding YOUr wisdom, and rebuilding your understanding of SELF_LOVE.  My book gently guides you through the steps: Ignite your Heart, Embrace YOUr Awareness and Embody YOUr Truth.   Each word carries Divine Energy, delicate and sequenced beautifully with transcending meaning for you.   Forgiveness unleashes the Keys to Life, bridging happiness and joy for the sustainability of SELF in a chaotic world.  Living within foundati