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The Flower Within...a Poem from God

  Profound self-love resides in all of us As God proclaims us We listen With our hearts open to receive Divine LOVE We listen Listening requires us to believe, to have faith in His presence within For the Love of God resembles the God within us An internal flame only activated by our free will to receive THE internal flame shines on our purpose, our souls, our lives on earth Capturing our hearts Loving ourSELVES from the inside out We comply; we surrender to it For there is no other way to live, here on earth We listen With our hearts open to receiving We hear the sounds within us, activating our Truth with the power of God Instrumental to our growth on earth We listen We wonder, with our active minds, “Where is this internal power taking me?” For the LOVE of God, within us, around us will always survive our TRUTH Our beliefs for, within, for always and forever Will prevail in our world on earth Because that is what is needed to ascend to our

I am ME and I am BE

  As a loving healing exercise of realizing my truth at a mental level, my higher self influenced by the Holy Divine lead me to articulate my truth:  I am ME, and I am BE I am me I am beautiful I am thoughtful I am transparent   I am ME   I am soulful I am bountiful I am guided by the Divine I am BE and   I am ME   I am powerful I am compassion I am talkative with purpose, with God’s grace I am love I am energetically spiritual in all things loving and beyond   I am ME and I am BE   I am rooted with hope I am grounded, anchored to Mother Earth with loving purpose and grace, with a deep-rooted burning desire to live on earth as God prescribes I am taking back my exposed power for I know it was never lost, given away nor taken from me.     I AM   I am Me with loving sentiments filled with guided purpose and truth. I am me preforming, for the God in me wants to live soulfully on earth and beyond I am achieving without judgement; my heart

Six Steps to Stopping the Unstoppable Mind

  Beyond your scope of thought, does one bring forward the need for a greater understanding of what they don't understand. It is the curiosity that brings light into the mind. It is the curiosity that brings the desire to find something meaningful to their lives. There is always more to the mind, wanting to know but still doubts. The doubting mind only brings clarity to nothing! For doubt only offers undisturbed thoughts to continue to plague the mind with more desire. So how does one stop this perpetual spiral thinking? First , one needs to recognize its presence—this spiral thinking.  Secondly , one needs to activate their FREE WILL to want to overcome it. How? By merely wanting to. It is that simple.  Thirdly , one needs to practice calming their runaway train thinking. Interesting! The Divine doesn't want me to elaborate on 'how' to practice quieting the fast-thinking mind! I respectively comply.  Fourthly , one needs to stay 'in' the moment continua