I am ME and I am BE


As a loving healing exercise of realizing my truth at a mental level, my higher self influenced by the Holy Divine lead me to articulate my truth: 

I am ME, and I am BE

I am me

I am beautiful

I am thoughtful

I am transparent


I am ME


I am soulful

I am bountiful

I am guided by the Divine

I am BE and


I am ME


I am powerful

I am compassion

I am talkative with purpose, with God’s grace

I am love

I am energetically spiritual in all things loving and beyond 

I am ME and I am BE 

I am rooted with hope

I am grounded, anchored to Mother Earth with loving purpose and grace, with a deep-rooted burning desire to live on earth as God prescribes

I am taking back my exposed power for I know it was never lost, given away nor taken from me.  


I am Me with loving sentiments filled with guided purpose and truth.

I am me preforming, for the God in me wants to live soulfully on earth and beyond

I am achieving without judgement; my heart is heavy with hurt transmuting into LIGHT 

I am ME 

I am precious, as I’m learning my scope of reverie is beyond conception, residing in the Heavens, influenced by the greatest source of reverie, love, strength

I am worthy, I have always been and will continue to BE worthy!  Worthy of my love, worthy of God’s love, worthy of my family’s love because I AM a child of God and I am BE

I am free, overcoming suppression exposes my soul to God’s graces, to His Truth, fueling my soul to be FREE.  For forgiveness is given, received and embodied…and continued


Beloved with truth, my truth, igniting God’s flame deep within my being I know that I am fine.  I know I am right.  I know that I am forgiven.  I am relatable to others.  I know what I AM and that is the purpose

I am ME and I am BE, with Love 

As a loving healing exercise of realizing my truth at a mental level, my higher self influenced by the Holy Divine lead me to articulate my truth.

During a beloved healing session with them, my hands were energetically on fire, aching with an awareness that the Divine was/is working through me.  As I was guided to place my hands on my charkas, the I AM awareness came flooding the surface.  Just words were surfacing to recognize how far I have come in discovering mySELF purpose, my truth. 

I was instructed to write this piece and share it with you.  For my truth will resonate and inspire those looking for the same thing – finding your purpose of sustainability, understanding, and hope transpiring all things dark into light. 

I am forever grateful to the Heavens, my spiritual team, and the Divine, leading my spiritual journey to help you do the same.

From my heart center to yours, 
Namaste and Amen 🙏💜💜

Empowering Practices 
Ignite, Embrace, Embody your TRUTH

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