Reclaim Self through Forgiveness | Law of Forgiveness Healing Practice e...

Reclaim SELF through Forgiveness

Step into the unknown,

to discover the familiarity of IT all

Law of Forgiveness Healing Practice

Empowers you to find YOU

Transmuting Into the brilliance that is YOU

What I speak of, is spiritual healing.  Along this sacred path of healing, one may experience the healing effects on the mental, emotional, and physical levels, all equating to infinite healing.  It is at a level where we can truly understand the depth of who we are.  Our spiritual beings need to be our earthly compass, navigating through chosen life experiences for the simple purpose of transcendence.  As we explore our SELVES, through Forgiveness, a transformation begins: an infinite change, a shedding of the old, then transforming into the NEW YOU.  Discovering all of our parts and how they are interconnected to formulate you is the key to infinite awareness of SELF. 

 As you continue your sacred journey with me, you will be gently guided through words of Grace, encouraging you, motivating you, empowering you to BEcome YOU.  Understanding will BEcome known to your consciousness once you activate your free will.  Free will is a choice that is your birthright. 


Stay tuned for my sacred poetry book release soon

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