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Powerful Poetry - Beautiful lyrics to the perfect melody in the precise...

Powerful poetry - soft, purposeful and spiritual - guiding you to find YOUr SELF_LOVE – the meaning of, fulfilment of and living with - anchors the soul with God, yielding SELF_LOVE. God’s poetic words are beautiful lyrics to the perfect melody, in the precise moments of change Poetry is an instrument of TRUTH Allowing the words to come to life Within our imagination Activating the soul, Calming the mind, Eliminating the ego Through active listening The Law of Forgiveness Healing practice Is understood with ease Because you already understand this Graceful act of healing Poetry is a pathway to YOU Bridging your awareness of SELF_LOVE #selflovepoetry #selflovequotesabouthappiness #healingpoetry #selflovecoaching #poetrylovers #poetrywhatsappstatus #poetryvideostatus #selfhelpbookswork #lawofforgiveness #poetryreadings #poetryreading #poetryreaders

Free Will is your agent for change. Freedom, Wings of Change

Taking Back YOUr Right to Live Heaven on Earth - Ignite YOUr Heart; Embrace YOUr Awareness; Embody YOUr Truth - Transcending through Sacred Poetry book available on all online retailers COMING SOON. This video articulates my book's purpose for the reader: In my first sacred poetry book, I bring you the very words I used to heal Uniquely arranged in a way for you to understand Your path will be different from mine God’s words are applicable to you Reflection, Introspection, Motivation, Inspiration, Designed to assist you to reunite with God Your healing begins with you Free will is your agent for change You already have the power and authority to Take back YOUr right to live Heaven on earth My Sacred Poetry Book available soon - guides readers through a process of self-evolution by means of Forgiveness, empowering them to a sustainable life full of happiness & joy they deserve  ***Remember to subscribe and share*** #poetrybook #newbook #selflove

Freedom, on the Wings of Change