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How is being energetically connected on a Universal level helping me?

"Magical presence lies within you, spirited by your essence projecting outwards onto the world.    Beautiful essence, loving presence, capturing all of the love surrounding your own.    It is an energetic web of vibrations intertwined creating a fabric of energic love, blanketing across humanity, Globally.    Acknowledge, accept it.    Embrace it.    Embody it.    For it is the energic love capturing the hearts of many which will provide humanity with answers.    Answers of sustainability - life sustainability on earth."        …from the Divine Our energic fields are interconnected on earth and most definitely on the other side. So, let us come together through mediation or prayer to unite to our universal energic field for the good of humanity, for the good of our communities and for the good of ourselves.    One small action will do a whole lot of good – one action at a time, collectively. Let us pray! Agatha  Contact Me Follow me  FB  &  IG