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Have you ever asked yourself: “What is my legacy?”

  Legacy is your living truth on earth: barring hardships as you live; understanding what these life lessons bring to your truth; allowing for a tremendous understanding of SELF.  Understanding brings clarity of your truth.  The foundational feeling in who you are resembles the truth of your essence.  Your truth describes who you are in spirit while living in your human reality.  Truth signifies greater strength in your “being,” in your “now,” in all that you do in action and in reaction.  Your truth already exists within you, and its definition becomes known when you are open to receiving its definition.  Only you can unravel it.  Only you can receive God’s support in the un-tanglement of your truth. Allowing your truth to rise means you prefer to live in God’s truth. Then, as the inspiration of the Heavens transpires over you, you naturally rise up to meet ITS greatness. Why?  Because you can.  It is that simple.  However you define your legacy, the sentiments that rise to the mi