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Sacred Body Art

  Scared Body Art ... an expression of spiritual healing.  Every image I have on my body directly reflects my spiritual ascension: accepting my suffering, applying forgiveness, and receiving Divine Love into my body and allowing it to heal my body (Yes, heal; I will reveal in time how I have healed physically).  Each image I have tattooed on my body holds sacred meaning as it reflects my growth, outlining my teachings to me and now to you as I’m required to share with you now.  During profound healings, I realize that I am one with the Divine.  My Higher-SELF became my Holy-Self because she is infused with Divine Loving Essence, a beautiful awareness that I am so grateful to be experiencing and will reveal in time.  I love the Divine; therefore, I love mySELF.  Consequently, I fully have faith, trust, and belief in mySELF, in the Divine.  It is truly a magical experience afforded to all people.  On an infinite level, tattoos are expressions of YOUr soul, whether you are conscio