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Simple Reminders Are Easy to Action....

A Wise man once said.....

What God Intends...

"What God intended for you, goes far beyond anything you could imagine." --- Oprah Winfrey

Spiritual Philosophy for LIFE - How should we define love?

As I’m continually guided by Spirit, I’m learning how to feel and express LOVE .   My realization of this overlooked concept has had a profound effect on my inner being – my spirit is uplifted every time I acknowledge it. LOVE is more than romantic love.   Romance is the most obvious answer.   Yet people have difficulties understanding the essence of romance.   We understand it, logically, what this means and have felt romance for a short period.   But is romantic love?  LOVE includes feelings of compassion, gratitude, forgiveness, patience, understanding, and grace…. LOVE doesn’t include feelings of jealousy, judgement, fear, anger, resentment…. Pay attention to the ego narrative floating around in your mind.   What is this narrative describing?   What is your body feeling and showing?   The ego-mind has the tendency of taking over.   It can completely take over! To stop the downward spiral into darkness, start acknowledging God’s true essence of

How can I love someone without expectations?

This question was posed on a FaceBook Group chat.  This was my response:  Love is a feeling, a sensation in your core, from your spirit and there are no attachments with these feelings. It just is. Start with gratitude - be grateful for small things, acts in your day today. Notice what this feels like in your body then move onto bigger “things” or people. When I say “things”, I mean non-ego things. For example, the rain on your favourite flower or your son gives you a hug for no reason.... saying “thank you” to people is another way of showing gratitude. Small acts of gratitude will fill your heart with love, leading to self-love then eventually leading to loving others. ….but what is “love”?   How do we define “love”?   Watch for my next post….. With much love, Agatha Contact Me