How can I love someone without expectations?

This question was posed on a FaceBook Group chat.  This was my response: 

Love is a feeling, a sensation in your core, from your spirit and there are no attachments with these feelings. It just is.

Start with gratitude - be grateful for small things, acts in your day today. Notice what this feels like in your body then move onto bigger “things” or people.

When I say “things”, I mean non-ego things. For example, the rain on your favourite flower or your son gives you a hug for no reason.... saying “thank you” to people is another way of showing gratitude.

Small acts of gratitude will fill your heart with love, leading to self-love then eventually leading to loving others.

….but what is “love”?  How do we define “love”?  Watch for my next post…..

With much love,
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