Six Steps to Stopping the Unstoppable Mind


Beyond your scope of thought, does one bring forward the need for a greater understanding of what they don't understand. It is the curiosity that brings light into the mind. It is the curiosity that brings the desire to find something meaningful to their lives. There is always more to the mind, wanting to know but still doubts. The doubting mind only brings clarity to nothing! For doubt only offers undisturbed thoughts to continue to plague the mind with more desire. So how does one stop this perpetual spiral thinking?

First, one needs to recognize its presence—this spiral thinking. 

Secondly, one needs to activate their FREE WILL to want to overcome it. How? By merely wanting to. It is that simple. 

Thirdly, one needs to practice calming their runaway train thinking. Interesting! The Divine doesn't want me to elaborate on 'how' to practice quieting the fast-thinking mind! I respectively comply. 

Fourthly, one needs to stay 'in' the moment continually.  Remaining in the present takes practice and consistency. One must continuously remind oneSELF to do so while gently reminding the mind to stay quiet. You can say: 'I hear you and respect you, but at this moment, I am focused on what is happening right now.' Honour your mind without judgement. 

Fifthly, one needs to surrender to the emotional sentiment rising to their consciousness. For what rises comes from one's spirit and needs one's forgiveness. One needs to learn how their spirit communicates; how their energy feels from within. One needs to build a gentle relationship with their spirit with confidence. One will understand this unique relationship has roots within the Universe, God, the Infinite Devine. Spirituality revealed—your spirituality advocating for TRUTH.  

Sixthly, one needs to implement these steps over and over again until it becomes natural. Training the ego takes patience, love and consistency without frustration or judgement. Just keep going, and it will become easier. Have faith!   

Without effort, one will understand their scope of thought when undergoing this process. One's reverie forms one's journey to spiritual awakening. On one's terms, does it become innate, fulfilling and directional. It is through this process where one finds resolutions, understanding and compassion. It is from their spiritual journeys that one will discover their SELF-love. Even on a small scale, one needs to understand what this process brings to the mind, body and spirit. Through this process, one will discover the very purpose its mind was searching for - understanding. Your mind's need for 'understanding' comes from your soulful forgiveness, unleashing your truth simultaneously. Your version of spiritual awakening brings mental clarity on all matters, calmness to the body, and soulful cultivation for greatness.  

From my heart center to yours, 
Namaste and Amen 🙏💜💜

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