Believing is the key to fulfillment. This is how you ACTIVATE your beliefs...

"Beautiful space with beautiful knowings. To unleash your essence follow your heart to places you have always been afraid to travel.  Unleash your fears and your woes and let God's light shine inIt is your ego which holds you back from peace in your heart and in your body. Travel with God's wind, taking you to places you need to go for peace in your heart is only steps away. Brighter days are coming." ...from Spirit

This particular note from Spirit is directive and purposeful for those needing to hear it.  Thank you God for allowing me to pass this precious message along for you.

Both gentle and wise are the words depicting a course of action one has been wanting to take but is afraid. The opening line reassures the reader what will come from these actions.

It goes on to remind the reader of the importance of finding their essence and how to do it.  God is always present, around us, in us, with us regardless of our circumstances.  Believing is key.  I assure you He exists - all of His angels, Master Guides and Saints - He is shining His light, His essence onto us at all times, every time.  His goal for us on this earth is to find our essence, our purpose so we can live fulfilling lives without fear, judgment and loneliness.

Letting go of ego thoughts is to understand how it works.  Our ego is designed to protect us from harm.  Sounds good right!  But!  We tend to let our egos free and wild to orchestrate a 'story' which isn't true and it holds us back from our selves, from our essence, from our soulful purpose. 

"Travel with God's wind..."  This is so beautiful to me.  Let God guide you to your next thought, your next action (heart-centred).  He has your back and already knows what you need and how to get your needs met.  Its that simple.  Trusting and believing requires your free will to do so.  Saying to your ego:  "That's enough! I'm done feeling, thinking this way.  I surrender to it.  I accept my circumstances, learn from it and I WILL make a positive change.'

I understand circumstances can be overwhelming.  Seek the actions needed to make your positive change.  Whether it's seeing a doctor, therapist, a trusted friend, spiritual engagement must be part of the mix.  Remember, your spirit is also part of your mental and physical body.


PS - This message moved me.  I'd like to hear from you. If you feel compelled, please add in the comments on how this message resonates with you?  What does this mean for you?  

God Bless!  

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