Coping through COVID 19 Chaos includes our togetherness but how does it provide benefits?

"The Holy Ghost is one of presence and one of profound spiritual essence.  Finding your own essence allows for deep-rooted presence in oneself.  Empower your being by allowing for His love to flow through you and onto others. In times of today, we need to feel empowered, love from each other instead of spreading fear, fear of possibilities which have not happened. Embrace your calm. Your internal peace, for (times of) now, is the time when we need to band together in support of each other and accepting God's presence in our hearts for what transpires will be. Love and Peace are yours." ....from Spirit 

Poetic sentiments from Spirit today. Given what is going on around us, Spirit reminds us that we need to be level headed about our current state of affairs.  Take your precautions without fear and judgment.  Be prepared, of course!  However, we need to remain in our hearts - staying rooted, grounded to Mother Earth (Chakra 10), filling our hearts with God's love so we can spread compassion, empathy without worry and fear.  

Being grounded is key to remain level headed with the news around us.  It provides stability, a clear perspective and clear action.  Find what helps you to remain grounded.  Or you might want to try this: 

Breathing technique to help stay grounded: Two feet below our feet resides our soulful spirits - so breathe up from this space, pull it up into your heart as you visualize your breath, up from the ground and into your hearts.  But don't stop there.  Then release your breath (still visualize the breath) up from your heart, through your throat and through the crown of your head and up past two feet above your head.  Now breathe the same way but start from the top, then visualize the breath going through the same points in your body, down into the earth, two feet below.  Repeat. 

Namaste, my soul friends
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