COVID 19 Is Allowing Us To Self Reflect. How will I benefit from this crisis?

"Empowerment embellishes when one's spirit is touched by God.  It is with His strength lies in the miracle of understanding, of reasoning and of hope.  Hope for the grandeur of life, and their presence within it. Hope is foundational for all people on earth, for hope is God's enlightened energy...He projects on earth at this most crucial time for humanity.  Hope is defined as one's love for self and the hope for others. We, at this time, need to project love and hope from our hearts to everyone around us, lower our fears enough for God's love to instill a tremendous amount of hope for all to capture in their hearts." ...From Spirit

I have to admit - writing this today a surge of fear came over me.  I asked Spirit to clarify: What is hope?  Help me to better define it in words people will understand. (I realized as I received this information, our Premier of Ontario declares a state of emergency in our province at the same time.)  

This is Spirit's further explanation of today's message: 

Hope is resolution - a likely event providing resolution to a situation.  A resolution of safety, of security for oneself and for the ones they love.

This is a time of deep self-actualization, self-reflection for the times we face is designed to do so.  We need to define our happiness as there is a threat of loss - loss of our possessive goods our egos have grown fond of.

Sustainability comes from knowing your essence, knowing who you are without our possessions.  A difficult process for sure because it elicits feelings that some have buried.  Now is the time to embrace our fears to realize there is nothing to fear, to realize your liberation is near.

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