How is surrendering your triggers isn't so difficult?

"Spirituality is for those ready to receive God's love and direction." 
...from Spirit

When does it become too much to bear life's challenges before taking action? The same triggers show up in different life events that can certainly overcome our minds, bodies, and spirits.  Even for me, my personal triggers have an effect on me as I deal with one today. 

However, Spirit brought this to me today to remind me that I'm spiritually guided by His love.  Surrendering my trigger to Him and remaining in the present moment allows my firm belief in His divine guidance to prevail.  For me, practicing my breathing techniques allows me to remain in my body, acknowledge the trigger and release it to God.  This is a practice I've learned and bring to my clients.  

From my personal experiences over the years, I've learned how to deal with my 'triggers' from my logical mind, from my spirit mind and now from my body.  Therapy helped form logical coping mechanisms to deal with my triggers.  I realize now, that this time of my life played a pivotal part in my spiritual growth. I wouldn't be here today without it.  But it wasn't enough.  As my spirit evolves, I've had to deal with these same triggers on a soulful level to truly NOT become triggered any longer.  It is liberating!  

However, when there is a trigger taking it to the body allows me to focus on me, focus where am I feeling the physical discomfort right now, at this moment.  Is it in my chest, do I have a headache, or is there pressure in my lower belly?  Then I activate one of many breathing techniques to calm that part of the body.  I keep breathing until I'm stable again.  This process allows me to calm my active mind while using my body to communicate with my soul and God.  Further understanding of my trigger will prevail over time.  

What I'm describing is the Energy Codes, by Dr. Sue Morter.  It has profoundly changed my life and intends to bring this modality to my community very soon.  

It is simple and effective.

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