Where is your courage anchored within you? How do you tap into your courage?

"Spirituality is for those granting themselves love in their hearts.  Granting themselves love requires the greatest courage.  Courage often not satisfying for the belief in God isn't strong enough to help sustain the person in life's challenges. We need to embrace His light, light He shines on us daily, bring it into our bodies, our hearts and have it flow through our bodies. This is achieved in stillness and in stillness we will hear His wisdom." ...from Spirit

Your belief in God is highly personal and individual so there is no wrong interpretation.  I encourage you to think about your God; how do you connect with him?  How do you leverage his strength in times of need?  Why do you struggle with him?  Belief in God is sustained through this deep understanding and your life's journey must include this awareness. 

"...in stillness we will hear His wisdom."  This statement is often dismissed by many people and I understand why.  Stillness is the act of quieting the racing mind; an act not easy to accomplish by many.  I'm here to tell you that it is possible and you WILL hear His wisdom, your wisdom.  God is within us.  

So how do we achieve stillness?  It can be achieved either through exercise, mediation, prayer, art, dance or any kind of movement.  You need to find what resonates with you.  If you aren't sure, then try different ways.  While performing the activity, start with small increments and focus on clearing your mind.  Once a thought comes to you (and it will), gently push it away without judgment.  Tell yourself: 'not now, I will deal with it later.'  Do this a few times a day in five-minute increments then increase.  In stillness you are connecting with your spirit and with God. 

"...bring it to into your body, our hearts and have it flow through our bodies." This is achieved through our breath, for our breathing activates the flow of energy around us, capturing our essence and connecting it with God.  Stay with me.  It also quiets the racing mind.  Focus on your breath, as it travels into your body, through your lungs, and into your belly (big Buddha belly).  Follow it as it flows out the opposite way.  Pay attention to your body as your breath travels.  What is your body telling you?  If you don't get anything then repeat, and repeat until you do.  Quieting the mental chatter takes practice. 

Finding your courage is within your personal power.  Who we are includes our spiritual beings, our souls, our essences.  Finding your courage is finding your essence and in order to find it, you need to find your personal connection to God and cultivate your personal relationship Him....your own way.

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