What is the impact of forgiveness to our selves?

"Forgiveness allows the heart to heal when the ego-mind is tired and has had enough. The heart will step forward as it is meant to...waiting for the opportunity for self-love and self-appreciation.  There is no greater love than self-love.  Self-love gives us the capacity for more love, like as if it brews in our souls waiting to push it out into the world. Accept this love of perfection for your internal peace is waiting."  ...From Spirit

Spirit brought this forward to me this morning as there is a need to remind us all of our greatest love - self-love.  This perfection of love isn't selfish or self-centred; its the opposite!  Self-love cultivates our sense of self-worth igniting our internal power to take action, positive action.  Igniting our internal light to appreciate what is around us will provide a clearer perspective.  This internal light is God within.  Recognizing His love resides inside of us, is meant for great things on earth and nothing less.   

Remember, God infuses us with His Love consistently and regularly.  Read my blog: How should we define love? to get my perspective of the definition. 


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