Our infinite possibilities are closer than we think. What does this mean?

"Loving capacity is present when you allow yourself to remain open to infinite possibilities.  Possibility of grandeur, of peace all provided by God in ways that are unexpected to the logical mind.  To find these possibilities, one needs to remain open and vigilant to accepting God's truth which lies within." ...from Spirit  

Today's message is one of perspective and self-reflection.  

Spirit tells us that our loving capacity is simply achieved through our openness to it. Allowing ourselves to receive it and offer it.  Releasing our ego's tight grip on our mental body is the first step.  Relaxing our fears long enough for us to feel our loving capacity for ourselves and for others. 

The possibilities of grandeur, of peace, references God's goal for all of us.  He enlightens all of us with His grace, nourishing our souls with beautiful possibilities of personal growth and the evolution of our souls.  These are concepts our logical minds can not comprehend and therefore can not be perceived by it.  

I like the use of the word "vigilant". It's meaning: to be alert, watchful especially to avoid danger.  There is absolutely nothing to fear from God's good graces.  In fact, it means to be alert to the 'things' which prevent you from staying connected with His good graces. Staying consistent with your own personal practice in connecting with God, the Universe or whatever name you give to the Higher Source.  Your spiritual journey includes your personal connection to this Higher Source. You can not evolve without it.  

To truly understand the intent of today's message, one must perceive it from their inner essence, from their soul to experience the impact.  It is liberating! 

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