Recognizing Your Inner Knowing is easier than you think. Learn how.

"Today is a time of reflection for those struggling to hear...hear their inner peace.  No need for intense listening for your inner peace speaks to you all the time: through language spokenthrough sounds around us, through natureWhen any of these move you, you will know your inner essence, your spirit has been touched.  And when that happens, focus on that brief feeling of resolution, become familiar with it for the next time it happens you will be more accepting of it and will be able to relate to it. God is within your spirit, cultivating a magnificent awareness to a bright soul within." ....from Spirit

This message empowers us to understand with our mental body, what it feels like to connect with our spiritual body.  Once you understand this, you will realize all the times you actually connected with it in the past.  Remember, the spiritual world communicates in a gentle, poetic, passive manner and it is by divine design.  It promotes mental chatter stillness in order to hear, feel and believe in our selves and in God.

Listening to our inner peace 'moves' us to a conscious awareness of being calm, having a clear mind and providing resolutions.  This awareness is in fact your inner spirit experiencing peace projecting it into your physical and mental body.  It is one of the most satisfying feelings God can grant us.  However, if you aren't paying attention to it, you will miss it most definitely.  

Once you acknowledge your inner peace, you will be forever changed as it provides sustainability in our everyday lives.


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