Days of Enlightenment are Yours for the taking. What are you waiting for?

"Days of Enlightenment are yours for the taking.  Free will is also yours to make, for there is no greater resemblance of peace and calm than having a profound expansion of the SOUL -- an understanding of the TRUTH of who you are."  from Spirit   

With small steps or with large leaps, it is our life's purpose to uncover our TRUTH. Understanding at our deepest core, at our foundation, the sustainable sentiment of who we are.  There is absolutely nothing that can break this learning, this spiritual awareness.  It is yours to keep once found!

'Days of enlightenment are yours for the taking' means activating your free will to do so by exploring the sentiments which come your way.  Whether hurtful or pleasant, these sentiments which rise are yours to receive (Ignite Your Truth), perceive (Embrace Your Truth), and activate (Embody Your Truth).  

Ignite Your Truth - Receiving means you acknowledge the feeling at a soulful level.  You may feel butterflies or flutter in your core which elicits a deep desire to want to explore more. A desire which has to be satisfied.    

Embrace Your Truth - Perceiving means you are understanding the feeling by peeling back the emotional layers to reveal - the origin, it's impact, it's learning.  Persevering requires courage leading to a breakthrough.  The act of this awareness is liberating in of its self.   

Embody Your Truth - Activating is translating this breakthrough into empowerment through actionable perceptions and resolutions.  It's a feeling of groundedness, stability providing direction on your journey. It's about remaining in your physical body through grounding breathing techniques, like deep Buddha belly breathing, while gently squeezing your sphincter muscles (Mula Bandha).

The evolution of what I'm attempting to describe, moves at different paces for different people and isn't linear either.  It is guided by the Divine, by God.

Fear is not part of the equation here, because it prevents us to want to explore more. Accepting this fear as a mind-based reaction to past events or possibly future ones is also part of the journey.  Awareness of this part allows you to move past it. And Yes!  This means you are remaining in the moment - receiving, perceiving, activating - and reminding yourself this is what you are doing.  This is your spiritual journey.  Breath into it, my friend! 

The hardest part of this evolution is letting go of fear.  I am a big proponent of seeking mainstream professional assistance with letting go of this fear and learning strategies to do so.  I do suggest, in these circumstances to continue to honor your spirituality congruently. 

It is part of my practice to assist people through this process of Igniting, Embracing, and Embodying the truth of who they are. If you are curious about me or this process, please contact me for a chat.      

Trust and believe as I'm here to relay Spirit's message to you.  You will experience pure bliss and joy once you realize that you have tapped into your higher self.   



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