Empowerment is fundamentally supported by courage. How courageous are you?

“Empowerment is fluid, flowing, adapting. The goal isn’t to acquire it.  The goal is to experiment with your courageous efforts on events which are not of comfort or with ease.  Empowerment is attained through hardships, through trying times testing our will to live right through it.  Head on, holding compassion for ourselves and for those involved.”  
...from Spirit

Empowerment is a sentiment to acquire through action.  Action stemming from our internal strength to change the things which give us grief in some form. An acquirement of faith, hope and self-love are needed to fuel our free will to WANT to make the change.  We know that empowerment is a sustainable sentiment felt in our bodies for the joy it resonates with is magnifying.  Magnifying to action more and more.  It builds upon itself and soon snowballs into something bigger than the body. 

Find your COURAGE

Find your courage. It is a necessary ingredient to your success in truly experiencing what empowerment means for you.  Courage is found in your heart centre, deep in your eternal soul backed by the Divine.  Courage is the acceptance of whatever outcome that may come from your attempts to overcome the very situation which is plaguing you. With no expectations for the desired end result is a needed perspective. Know that this is of itself learning. So, accepting the outcome is part of your personal growth expanding your spiritual awareness.

Yes, it is a breakthrough!

The realization of the lesson learned from your situation is called a breakthrough! A breakthrough resonating pure joy, understanding, eliciting overwhelming calm, grounding feelings.  However big or small, know that it was meant to be learned at that precise moment.  There is a deep correlation between your function of courage and your attainment of personal empowerment.  Spirit wants us to understand that empowerment is a function of exercising our free will to step into gear and put our courage into practice – over and over – into every situation, event, conversation.

These actions are led by your heart center, your eternal soul for it is from this place where the Divine has influenced our being to project His love, hope and faith in ourselves.  Understand that these sentiments are OUTSIDE of your mind centre (ego) and supersede logic for your sensitivity, honesty, authenticity can ONLY be driven by your soul.  It CAN NOT be manufactured, forced or manipulated.     

Your empowerment goal is to experiment with your personal courage.  For it is through this exercise of finding your courage and leveraging its power within you can you truly define your personal empowerment sentiment.  Once you do, the world will open up other possibilities full of resolutions and newly found perspectives.

You got this!


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