How does giving yourself love relevant? Beautifully, gracefully, magically your inner love is fueled by the Divine…

“Love and beauty are yours to keep for self and when you do you will be able to project this love onto others.  Beautifully, gracefully, magically for this inner love is fueled by the Divine which has always been inside of you, at birth and beyond.”

“Love and beauty are yours to keep for self” are figurative descriptions for one to internalize its meaning and interpret it from their perspective.  Why?  Because it will be more meaningful for the person to put into action the essence of their interpretations.

The concept of love and the beautiful sentiments it brings forward is very much subjective to the individual.  Subjectivity has no judgement because it is personal to you and relevant to you. So. It is imperative to drop the judgment of any kind.  It does not serve you. At all!  

Take the time to reflect on the meaning of self-love and what can come from it, in your life, with every action you take.  You owe it to yourself to honour who you are in every capacity possible. Because these possibilities profess the cultivation of essential being, your essential self.

Once you start to tap into your essential self the most amazing action happens.  You become calmer with profound peace anchored in your groundedness.  Following the knowledge which comes from this place is the ‘beauty’ which comes from your self-love fueled by the Divine.  No question about it. 

My description of sustainability is possible right now AND for the rest of your life.  We are here, on this earth to discover our purpose.  Our soulful purpose predetermined even before coming to this earth, is ours to discover while travelling along our non-linear path to our spiritual awakening.  Most profound, most troubling for some but the most rewarding once achieved. What are you waiting for?   

As I was led by Spirit to write this today, my purpose in this lifetime is to help YOU discover your OWN life’s purpose. I’m here to empower you to take action, to elicit an impulse of wanting to self-discover at any scale because you are meant to live a fulfilling life full of meaning and purpose.

Needing a little help with all of this? Contact me for a one on one session. 

Sending you many blessings fueling you to take action in achieving your happiness.



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