How to surrender to find the resolutions you seek?

"For those looking for answers or explanations to nagging questions to very hurtful circumstances, its time to surrender.  Surrender to these crippling, subjective hurts for its time to release these hurts from your soul, body, and mind.  You will not find your answers in this manner or state.  Embrace your inner knowing by accepting your inner truth of peace and tranquillity."  ..from Spirit

The act of 'surrendering' is profoundly liberating and there is no fear attached to it.  Choosing to surrender, you consciously choose to be in a different state of mind.  A more relaxed state of mind.  A state of mind of loving presence. 

Release this familiar state of tension by relaxing the body.  Yes, mediate - Sit quietly and breathe.  Deep belly breathes, in and out will elicit powerful awareness softly surfacing as a thought, feeling, or a sense of knowing.  Remember to pay attention to your breath and the awareness will just be.  When a thought arises, don't judge it or get upset.  Simply let it go and gently say 'not now'.  Find your meditation method - whether it is sitting quietly or performing fast repetitive physical actions, it is needed to quiet the run-a-way-mind and get in touch with your inner truth.

You may not realize, the act of surrendering releases your hurt energy to God or the Universe to keep.  And that's the journey - your non-linear spiritual journey.  So embrace it with love and grace.  

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