Life Begins...with your SoulMate

My loving husband, my soulmate added this post on Mother's Day - May 2020 - as a surprise!  

He has over the 20 years we have been together will often surprise me in this way.  Declaring his feelings for me with poetic sentiments have always brought me to happy tears.  It is proof of our souls touching and bonding together.  

With the deepest, grounding LOVE expressed between us is truly the sign of God's presence on our lives.  I Love you with the depths of my soul! 

"While the sands of time start with your first breath, your life doesn't truly start until you've found your SOULMATE.  All of a sudden the sky is bluer and the grass is greener.  You begin to hear all the little noises that were once just a background hum.  Happy Mother's Day to my soulmate.  ...forever yours"


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