Profound Space of Gratitude & Courage is easy to find. Learn how here.

"Love beyond your capacity for you will learn there is no limit to your capacity  Only profound space of gratitude and courage." 
from Spirit

"Beyond our capacity" isn't understood by the logical mind. What does this mean?  Providing more than we can give or offering more than what is possible? Think about it for a minute...

Love is expressed in many different ways.  Its definition is encompassing of familiar sentiments we already express without mind. We know what LOVE means in our hearts - appreciation, compassion, empathy, selflessness - because we offer love more than we realize.  

So what if you consciously make an effort to offer love on a consistent basis in your day, then every day, then all the time.  In simple but meaningful ways:  saying 'thank you' or expressing some encouragement to a friend, or calling a relative to say 'I was thinking about you', or doing a small gesture for someone who isn't well, or showing self-love and self-compassion.  How about offering compassion to an enemy?  The list is endless.  What is on your list?

Spirit is encouraging us to express Love, be aware of it and consciously offer it beyond what we do now.  The benefit is "Profound space of Gratitude and Courage"  

Expressing Love results in your unlimited capacity of gratitude and courage. Gratitude through grace and ease because the feeling of gratitude shows sincerity only your heart can provide.  Courage through empowerment for these expressions are offered to you by God to undertake the hard, uncomfortable tasks to put them into action with ease.

Love, gratitude and courage are sustainable sentiments that your spirit needs to grow and develop all under the guidance of the Divine, for always and forever. 



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