To be or not to be your Intuition? That is the question

“Spiritual growth takes time, patience and perseverance.  Determination of your soul’s growth comes from your soul as you acknowledge your essence, you empower your free will to take action.  Free will is a choice to act one way or another.  The choice you make at each juncture will lead you down a path of growth, learning and empowerment.  Whether it is a positive or negative action, one will always learn what is meant to learn at that moment.  The question becomes clear to you if you have taken the right action, one in which your intuition or your mind guided you.  Trust and believe in your intuition, for it is your spirit speaking to you through your intuition.  You will know the difference.”  from Spirit  

Spirit brings forward wisdom of truth. Your own truth of knowing who you are, spirited with God’s light and love within you.  Understanding your internal guidance comes from the Divine through your spirit is a key finding, sustainable within.  Questioning your sense of knowing becomes an act of disbelief of self, questionable to your mind only.   

Releasing your mind’s reality and embracing your inner knowing is the journey.  This is a BIG part of your spiritual awakening.  Learning to trust and believe takes time because you are convincing only your mind to recognize your spirit and the guidance it brings forward.  It is your mind (ego) which is designed to ‘protect’ you from harm but is it?  However, if you have never experienced your internal wisdom, then how can you answer this question I ask you?  

Please try not to grow in frustration with your mind for it is part of your journey.  Embrace its hold on you and start to unravel its grip to uncover the memories you are meant to unravel in the moment. Receive, conceive and embrace what comes forward.  Starting to learn to accept the uncomfortable feelings which this brings is the moment of healing in your spirit – one memory to another.  Very key in your response is your connection to your spirituality.  Understanding your spirituality is your personal connection with the Divine.  Whichever way you have defined this connection, it is a very BIG part of your spirit’s evolution leading to your foundational peace.  Cultivating your intuition starts here and grows as you continue to build your trust and belief with your spirit.  If you haven’t thought about it then I suggest you start here.  Learn your personal way of connecting with the Divine, the Universe because you can not heal your spirit with it.   

It is important, as you travel through your awareness-building you remain judgement free.  We judge people, situations subconsciously and once you recognize your judgmental thoughts you will be able to free your mind of them – one thought at a time.  This is also part of your spiritual journey.  Just simply being aware of your thoughts is a giant leap forward.  Keeping this in practice takes effort with loving-kindness to yourself. Always!   

Through my own spiritual maturity, I’ve learned how to recognize the difference between my ego vs my spirit’s guidance.  It was a slow evolution.  Learning how to trust is not easy because it is a process of accepting the unknown.  The unknown is scary for most people because they are living in their minds.  BUT liberating for those living from their truth because they are freer, lighter, stronger from the inside out.   So, take it slow, at a pace that is comfortable just for you and watch your magic unfold!   

Upwards and onwards, travelling on your purposeful journey


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