How do I find my Self-Love?

The ‘Truth of Who You Are’ – is your inner essence – the part of you which sustains you and continues to receive God’s strength of goodness.  His goodness is touching the core of your spirit – touching your HEART within your core.  It is this place, deep within your HEART where your sentiment of SELF-LOVE continues to foster and blooms out into your physical reality.  In this blog, I will share with you my personal spiritual healing session with Spirit leading me to my awareness of where to find my self-love.  I will also share tips on how to find your own heart center (self-love) and ways to cultivate its benefits. 

What is self-love?

When we think about self-love, we only think of it from our logical minds.  Perhaps we even relate this mental concept to our physical bodies, focusing on where the heart resides within our physical bodies.  We know what love feels like in our physical bodies.  We have experienced it to some capacity in our lives: the love for our pets, our children, our partners, our parents, our close friends, and our families.   These feelings are important to acknowledge and appreciate.  But there is more I believe people miss, including myself.  We need to learn how to tap into our spiritual hearts to discover our essential self-love.

A turning point in my spiritual journey was understanding the concept of SELF-LOVE.  I often struggled with truly understanding the concept of self-love because I was always looking at it from a logical perspective.  I would often think: ‘Ya, I love my self’, ‘I do value my being’.  I would honour myself with spa days, massages, or manicures.  I would also physically hug myself.  But why do I continue to overeat or think terrible thoughts about myself or worse, continue to judge my actions?  These are times when I degraded my spirit not make her grow.

My Personal Spiritual Healing Session with Spirit

During one of my meditations, Spirit called upon me so I followed.  In my 3rd eye, I saw my higher self rise up from my physical body, standing before the Divine. I remained calm, peaceful, and empowered.  What happened congruently was truly heavenly. 

In this moment, my higher self grew bigger than the physical body, enormous. Within my higher self was my heart (a circle within the bigger circle depicted in the hand-drawn picture) pulsing – in, out – and there was God’s energy circling around it.    This is what God told me:

“…your eternal light, your inner flame…remember this which is part of the truth of who you are…”

“…This is your inner soul which is your heart.  This is the part of you which I am constantly filling, replenishing with my strength, love, graces, compassion.  It is a living organism, pulsing, contacting, deflating – bigger, smaller – it is breathing deep inside of you.  Focus on this vital part of you when you think of your heart, not your physical heart but your soul’s heart encapsulating your physical one…You need to understand this vital awareness for it is the foundation of your spiritual growth.  It is a living organism nurturing your spirit, physical and mental.  Your heart speaks to all of you at a very deep level.”

“When you are scared, judgmental...etc., your soul’s heart contracts, and when you are feeling my sentiments your heart grows bigger than your spirit.  This is the part of you that talks to me, your God.  It is the brain of your being.  You must acknowledge its strength, its the role and its function deep within you and accept what it provides you – true bless and reverie…” 

This is a rudimentary hand sketch of my vision during meditation with the Devine. 

Putting into practice, my self-love

I was in awe for days afterward.  Truly blown away from my essential learning of what it means to connect with my deep love for self.  My mind is relaxed now, knowing how to tap into my deep-rooted heart space.  Drawing from this heart center is where I get my rootedness, my source of strength, my capacity to LOVE, and my depths for understanding.  I cultivate this space by going back to my healing session, revisiting my visions, and appreciating myself from this space.  When I breathe into my heart center I’m bring to life my self-love and my love for others.  I thank God, always.

How to find your eternal HEART center?

The means of discovering your own heart center will be different than mine because the Divine relates to us in ways in which we will listen.  It is unique to us.  In order to learn how to ‘listen’, you need to teach your mind how to recognize His communications with you.  How do you do this and how do you extrapolate from the learning?  

Connecting with your Higher Self through mediation - Finding your methods of connecting with the Divine is where you need to start.  Mediating is the process of quieting the ego-mind – the runaway train mind - long enough to experience stillness.  It is in this stillness which you will learn how to ‘listen’ to the Divine and find your eternal heart center.  Remain aware of what comes forward, the manner in which it does, and honour your reaction to this awareness.  Your reaction needs to be judgment-free and with acceptance.  The ‘how’ can take many forms.  It can show up as a feeling, a knowing or words may surface in your mind; you may ‘see’ things or colours.  This is a process.  It is your spiritual journey of soulful expansion.  This will definitely take time.  Be gentle with yourself and let it evolve naturally.   
Your deep-rooted awareness - Understanding where self-love comes from, think of how this resonates with you.  How can you relate to my version of self-love discovery?  Look for what resonates with you then build from there.  It can be anything and everything.  If it moves you then it touched your spirit and momentum will naturally prevail as you continue to build upon it, with one resonance to another.  You will know when you found your heart center because it is the most steadfast emotion grounding you on Mother Earth.

With Spirit’s guidance, I felt compelled to share my experience to help others find their own heart center, deep within their soul.  If you are reading this blog to the end then you were meant to receive this perspective.  Providing a different perspective of self-love may elicit a profound awareness within you or the start of one. 

Empowering Practices 
Ignite, Embrace, Embody your TRUTH

With continued passion from my heart to yours,

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