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Message From The Universal Energy Source

“Spiritual speaking, we are all united equally from our heart centres, united by the Universal Love surrounding us eternally.  Understanding that this Universal connection is bounded by the greatest source imaginable. Embrace your space within this and watch your soul grow and flourish.

We want humanity to understand that there is a greater source ruling time and space on earth.

Embrace the equality given to you at birth.  Know that what was given to you is attainable through your time on earth.  Embrace your spirit to reclaim your soulful right to happiness, to brightness, to transitional light shining upon you by The Universe around the earth. Know there is only love energy flowing beyond earth as the Universe is full of this empowering light with its only purpose is to ignite the good in humanity. 

Fear plaguing earth has no place in the grander universe.  One needs to learn how to dispel fear and all other energies which come from it because it is a prevention of their soulful growth and evolution.  One needs to understand the true essence of who they are is the key to their human happiness.  Embracing their woes is the key to uncovering their soulful truth leading them back to the Universal Truth they once knew.  The familiarity of this Universal Truth will become known to those souls open to receiving its Truth one day at a time on earth. 

Profound awakening is occurring on earth.  A much-needed awakening leading to more profound groundedness in those souls looking for evolution in their spirits on earth. There is tiredness experiencing among civilization.  One which is crippling people and lashing out in awful ways.  There is a change coming, an unravelling of truths professing greater opening for resolutions. People are becoming aware of their greater purpose on earth and stepping into newly found happiness, purpose driving them to do good for themselves, others within their individual communities. 

ALLELUIA! I say with profound joy, bellowing outwards into space for all to feel its vibration for change, for completeness.

The time is now for all to take notice of what is unfolding before them.  Embrace this change because the Universal Love is shining down on them to provide them with STRENGTH, LOVE and CALMNESS.  Embracing their eternal souls is the answer – their answer to salvation on earth.” 

...from the Divine Spirit, the Universe, the Universal Energy Source

Agatha's Interpretation of Its Wisdom

When I connect with the spirit realm, they speak to me through automatic writing.  I am writing what I hear without knowing what their message will bring.  Today was no different.  Today I was blown away at the intensity of this message and the grander of the deliver.  Spoken from the Highest Source, the Divine, the Universal Energy Source, was much larger than I have ever experienced until today.

My Higher Self assured me as I was receiving this message as the intensity was overwhelming.  This is what she said to me:

“I know this is new and scary but you will soon realize that we are all one here.  Derived from the same energy source bounded by GOD’s strength, light and love, most importantly.  Energetically we flow as one, separately connected, joined as one, flowing, streaming all together while linked to the greatest source of light and energy.” From my higher self

*This is a rudimentary depiction of my higher self's lesson of what it is like in the spirit world.  Hand drawn of my vision - showing the energy flowing, interconnecting while grounded to the higher source of our Divine. Our spirits are connected in this way - we are energy connected to the divine living a human experience on earth.  We are the divine! Logically, I understood this concept but today I experienced it spiritually, energetically! 

Feeling in awe with profound peace in my core, I bring this to you for your own interpretations to unfold.  I recommend reading it slowly while reflecting on its message as it will touch your heart centre, your spirit.

Welcome to the world of spiritual awakening!  As I share my very own, this message is also meant for you well.



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