How will your Tree of Life propel you forward?

From Spirit..."Embrace your Tree of Life, symbolic of foundational love among us on earth. 

Let your Tree grow strong, heavenly with grace, love and resiliency. 

Trees around us are symbolic of our connectivity and functionality as a community, as a society. 

Be kind, loving and respect will eventually propel from all of us, collectively, powerfully, soulfully."

Your Tree of Life is connected to your Higher Self

Remembering your true essence is most familiar in times of calm, of serenity and of respectful ways of growing your knowledge of life among us.

Embrace your quality of life for it is the life given to you by the Divine, one in which grows with delight and with vigour. Embrace your uncertainty and watch your spirituality flounder with loving grace and with mercy from your Divine.

Because remembering your true essence is your life’s journey to recognizing the source from within so powerful it is calming with a lightness of His grace. Embrace the truth of who you are for you are the Divine living your physical presence on earth.

Love from your heart center is the strongest love possible for it is derived from the Universal Love, constantly feeding us with His loving presence, fueling us constantly. Recognizing this connection provides understanding and tolerance among us.

Namaste and Amen

…Until next time


Empowering Practices 
Ignite, Embrace, Embody your TRUTH

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