Where is your Place of Resiliency?

Your heart centre is a deep place of resiliency and with purpose.  Loving yourself is a profound space filled with eternal hope and fervor.  Drawing upon this source of strength takes belief in oneself – a belief of courage, a belief of trust, a belief of love.  Empowerment is found once exercising any of these beliefs in any way.  Witnessing the fruits of this empowerment only fuels it more and more, a deep desire to expand this ignited feeling of excitement. 

The Place of Your Resiliency

An excitement indicating there is another way in which one can live on earth. A sense of knowing there is more, an alternative to, a reflection of, accepting for what makes the soulful self whole, complete, sustained.  The soul is joined with the Universal Light basking in its glory of powerful strength of resiliency.  Our souls cannot evolve without acknowledging this energetic connection for we are one with the Divine; We are the Divine!  As we exercise our personal beliefs, linking it back to the Divine is a necessary step, because it means we recognize the Divine within ourselves.  There is no mistake, this personal awareness takes time and commitment. Free will.   Unveiling the hurts along the way will inspire resiliency in yourself.  Resiliency brings an understanding of your soulful purpose exposing your true nature so familiar that it brings effortless gestures and actions.  Most of all, it cultivates peace.   

Far too long people are stuck in unproductive ways determined to find a solution.  However, there is no solution in the way they are expecting. Often times solution is subtle and missed by the active mind-body trying to find a prescribed way out. It doesn’t work that way. 

The soul speaks to us in gentle ways.  We need to learn how to listen for its communication for it’s the Divine’s way of talking to us, through our heart centre giving us our resiliency. 

Empowering Practices 
Ignite, Embrace, Embody your TRUTH

With continued passion from my heart to yours,

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