Your Unique Place within the World

"Love is always upon you.  Shining brightly,

Igniting your eternal strength for resiliency and spontaneity

Creating a new path,

Sparking loving presence within

Embrace your uniqueness and project it forward, outwards into the world

For there is a place within it,

Needing your presence to make it a truly viable place for everyone"   

... from Spirit 

A Brand of SELF 

Acceptance of the truth of who we are, requires belief in ourselves – acceptance of our unique measures of success and fortitude.  We all bring into this world, into our communities, into our families a brand of SELF needed to make that space work.  We bring ideas, actions and our loving presence within it to make it grow collectively, energetically, spiritually.

Once we view our living space bigger than who we are, then can we truly live in harmony within ourselves.

Namaste and Amen

…Until next time


Empowering Practices 
Ignite, Embrace, Embody your TRUTH

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