Self-Love is YOUR necessary ingredient to happiness


Embracing the person we are, means acquiring the self-courage to ‘know’ the essence of who we are.  The very soul within our physical is the essence needing nurturing, understanding and love.  The only way to enhance ourselves is to LOVE ourselves.  The only way to LOVE ourSELVES is to build upon our spirituality by uncovering our vulnerabilities and healing our spirits.  from Spirit

The roads we travel are necessary journeys because we have travelled them.  The Universe has put them in front of us to help us uncover the reason for and the outcome from these travels.  Allowing our truth to transpire requires us to look deep within ourselves, come to terms with our vulnerabilities and most importantly heal from our vulnerabilities.  This type of healing is often needed to be at your spiritual level.  Where your spirit can finally release the hurt, ask for forgiveness and most importantly have forgiven itself.  

Your spirit can not do this healing without the Divine present.  It can not heal without the strength of the Universe there present during your healing.  For it is the Universal truth which allows us to heal in this manner.  It is the Divine's strength, light, love which guides us through this healing.  It is a partnership founded in energic love, presence and grace.  It is magical.  It is profoundly peaceful.  Profoundly sustainable.  

Through me to you, the Divine energetically guides me to assist you through your highly personal healing.  Bring you closer to the Universe allows you to live your truth with the Divine presence within you.  Spirituality is your personal relationship with the Divine beautifully crafted for you in a way that is designed just for you. 

From my heart center to yours, 
Namaste and Amen 🙏💜💜

Empowering Practices 
Ignite, Embrace, Embody your TRUTH

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