How to find sustainable PEACE?

Blessed are those seeking God’s love for sustainability. Praying is a direct connection to our Universal Love, for all of the prayers are heard and answered. We need to learn how to listen for the signs.  

Reflecting upon oneSELF is an action fueled by the love of the Lord, for IT's Love, Strength, and Direction are always touching us.  The Universe is ALWAYS there, around us and within us.  IT's energy is stored within our souls, within our heart centres.  Learning to remain still long enough to capture this magical dialogue between your soul and the Divine will only bring clarity, awareness…and PEACE.   


Peace takes effort. It is an act of compassion towards SELF. Forgiving ourSELVES for our wrongdoings, for our wrongful thoughts. Forgiving ourSELVES at our soulful level is the journey, allowing for true peace to be finally felt from the inside out. 


Tapping into our inner SELVES is an awareness fueled by the peace it brings to those looking for it.  I say this because PEACE seems to be sought after without thought and therefore isn’t found.  Seeking our inner peace requires us to look deep into our spirits and healing our deep, wounded SELVES.  Exposing our vulnerabilities to ourSELVES is an act of blissful LOVE shared between you and the Divine.  It is the ultimate of self-love one can give and receive.  Yes, self-love can be received by your mind and body, for our spirits communicate with the other parts of us.  So beautifully expressed in unheard musical expressions of Divine energy. …or maybe you can hear it! 

From my heart center to yours, 
Namaste and Amen 🙏💜💜

Empowering Practices 
Ignite, Embrace, Embody your TRUTH

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