Our Inner Graces of Hope through the transparency of our TRUTH brings spiritual ascension

The rising soul allows for inner graces to rise alongside it.  Bring to the mind a newly found consciousness of hope and vulnerabilities.  Conflicting notions, however peaceful at the same moment for you recognize this awareness is calming to your spirit.  You acknowledge your deep-rooted love, which is and always has been stored within it.  Your spirit, accustomed to receiving Divine Love, wants to release it within your body and mind.  It constantly communicates to the body and mind what the Divine transmits to us always and forever.  We need to allow the Divine wisdom to flow through all parts of us, activating our truth to inspire ourSELVES to flourish.

Our sense of ourSELVES is the lesson of transpiring hope within us.  Tapping into this space within us allows us to understand our truth further.  A realization that our unique space within us gives us stability on Mother Earth.  This space within us is called our TRUTH, the essence of who we are, our spirits’ loving purpose. It is our truth that sustains us because it is familiar.  It is undeniably ourSELVES.  It is a piece of us needing to be discovered and nourished as we live on earth.  This nourishment, the process of enhancing one’s spirit, where one can ascend closer to Source, brings itself further understanding, love and grace.  Spiritual ascension is your spirit’s growth, your elevation towards knowing your truth.  Our truths always include the Divine’s Truth, for we are intertwined within the Divine’s Essence.  It is a delicate dance of awareness between your spirit and the Divine’s messages where one needs to be in tune into themSELVES to receive this quiet blessing.

Transpiring hope into self-love comes with the practice of forgiveness of ourSELVES.  Understanding this profound element of spiritual healing requires an understanding of your truth.  They go hand and hand.  Healing at the spiritual level is forgiveness.  It is the act of discovering, accepting and embodying your truth all at the same time.  Your truth discovery is complete.  Your truth is a deeper understanding of your spirit and its purpose on earth.  It is grounding, unwavering sentiments providing extra flame to your internal fire.  It provides additional light to your inner being, beaconing your path before you. Your self-discovery of your truth is the notion of the truest form of self-love one can exercise.  It seems selfish at first, but you will realize that you perform God’s will on earth and want to share with others.

Like the yin/yang relationship, the feminine/masculine divine energies stored within us all are opposite elements interrelated into each other, for one cannot survive without the other.  Becoming aware of these attributes within us and how they operate together is part of our journey to greatness.  It isn’t about self-judgement, for these inherited soulful qualities form part of our truths.  The need to embrace these contradictory attributes is needed to accept how they work together to perfect YOU soulfully.  Perfection is the awareness of your soulful truth, for they are unique to your greatness delivered to you by the Divine for always and forever.    

From my heart center to yours, 
Namaste and Amen 🙏💜💜

Empowering Practices 
Ignite, Embrace, Embody your TRUTH

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