NO MORE JUDGEMENT. How to overcome it and reasons why you should try.

"Judgement among us only hurts our soul further as if God's words aren't being heard. Allow the sun's rays to filter through even though there may be no sun. Allow for the bright smell of your favourite flower resonate with you, even though there may be no flower. Allow your tensions to drop off of you - surrender to those truths you believe with your mind for these truths are not your truths because they do not come from your heart, from your soul. How much do you have to endure before you decide your mental woes aren't yours to keep? Love yourself first and all other love will emulate forward.  Easily and full of Grace."   ...from Spirit

I asked Spirit today what I need to write, and this is what came forward.  Spirit often communicates in simple but powerful words.  Sit with it, in stillness if you can.  

Pay attention to your body's response: Is there a feeling in your gut, a release in your chest or a warm fuzzy feeling in your mind.

Pay attention to your thoughts' response:  is there an automatic sense of knowing, immediate thoughts formed or individual words appeared.

What is your spirit telling you?  Our spirit, our higher selves speaks to us in the most gentle, poetic ways.  To hear it, you MUST pay attention to your body and your thoughts like you haven't done before.  Through your stillness, you will hear your wisdom, God's wisdom in your heart.  

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