How does igniting Self-Love elicit peace in your Heart Centre?

“Walk in your shoes with resonance, accepting the way things are and learn the Divine lesson within it.  There is NO pain that can not be overcome with God’s strong light of reverie.  Seek it and you shall find it.”  From Spirit

Empowerment is sought through the positive action of courage. And. What comes from your courage is your place of sustainability because this feeling of accomplishment was brought on by your free will.  Don’t be afraid of it. You must envelop it with all of your courage, faith and belief within yourself.

Resonance is a state of self-awareness vibrating at a high level in space and time, at any given time. You feel yourself resonance when you are true to yourself, and to your purpose.  Finding your purpose is your role on this earth and a role that brings discomfort, heartache and peace.  It is an act of love for yourself. Love will bring you resolutions and new perspectives that are loving, caring and spiritual. It can bring all of this.  Once found, in any capacity, will be forever sought out for more of the same feelings.  It becomes addictive.

The hardest part of all of this beautiful resounding advice is quieting your active mind.  A mind full of narratives either stuck in the past or stuck in the future, never in the present moment.  It is always in your present moment where you will find your peace, comfort and guidance.  This notion of remaining in the moment is an exercise of training the mind to do just this – stop thinking of the past or future – and observing your present moment.  What is happening right now? 

Igniting the act of LOVE for self elicits peace in your heart centre

Sit quietly and reflect on the love you have for yourself, if any.  Start by defining what self-love feels like, actions taken or you want to take to express more love for yourself.  From your mind’s definition, move into your body.  How does your body feel about your self-love?  Is there tension, disgust or softness, delight? Ensure you are honest about your body awareness because it leads you deeper to your soul’s perspective of the love you are giving yourself, or not giving. Tapping into your soul’s perspective can be painful as it gently rises up, uncovering deep-rooted, subconscious hurts.  When this happens – past hurts spontaneously pop into focus, mentally, or physically – it is time to embrace these hurts.  DON’T shut them down because the lessons you need to learn WILL also surface.  Allowing yourself to feel the hurt is an expression of self-love because it means you are getting closer to a resolution, a newly found perspective of self and peace in your heart.  Allow it to happen.     

You owe it to yourself to learn about how to cultivate your internal love for there is no greater source of love than finding it in your heart centre.  Read more about how to find your heart centre in my previous blog post.

With continued passion from my heart to yours,

Empowering Practices 
Ignite, Embrace, Embody your TRUTH

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